Chasing The Beauty Found In Everyday Life

Chasing The Beauty Found In Everyday Life

Beauty from pain 
Beauty from ashes 
Beauty from struggle 
Beauty in the masses 

Beauty in surrender 
Beauty in freedom 
Beauty in joy 
Beauty from within 

Beauty in triumph
Beauty in restoration 
Beauty in healing 
Beauty in calling 

Beauty in following Him
Beauty in standing alone 
Beauty in being set apart 
Beauty in recognizing we are made for a higher purpose 

Beauty in Faith 
Beauty in trust
Beauty in Heavenly passion 
Beauty in others 

THERE IS BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING!!! Even through the darkest of situations, treasure can still be found. As pilgrims of Heaven, and children of God, we have been called to open our eyes, and realize that we are a chosen people. (1 Peter 2:9 NIV) Your current situation does not dictate your future; God does! Cling to Him when all seems lost, for He brings Hope to the horizon, and His love never fails! Greater things are yet to come!

MY LORD, I HAVE FOUND BEAUTY IN YOU!!! Give me the strength and courage to chase after all You are, and to impart Your life changing truths to others! You are my One desire, and I live to lift You up! AMEN!!!

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