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Why I Write

IT IS NOT because I have it all figured out, or because I live a perfect life. I too am growing in many areas of my life on a daily basis but feel called to share the lessons that God has taught me along the way. I write from the perspective of what I wish I could tell the younger me; that beauty can always be found in brokenness. I write as proof that there is always Hope, even when it seems that it does not or should not exist. The fact that Jesus is alive inside of us is enough to passionately live out all of our days. I write to share God’s love and bring peace to the middle of life when it feels like nothing but chaos. I write because I have seen the true freedom that can only be found through forgiveness and redemption. I write for the broken souls who wonder if God still cares and knows them by name. I write to share what God has done in my life in hopes that people would realize God can use anyone who is willing. This world is so good at acting like everything is together all the time; maybe, God wants us to fall apart to realize that He can make us STRONGER TOGETHER LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!

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